The time has come…

…in the silent spaciousness of this frigid winter dusk, I am biting the proverbial blog bullet…I have put off writing long enough. Profundity ain’t comin’ and I gotta start somewhere.

Indecision–Mercury is retrograde, after all–about whether to

  • chronicle my frigid wintry walks with Shanti, (ah remember when you could see the earth and trees had leaves?)
  • or share the joys and woes of the teacher’s life,
  • wax philosophical about my post-family, empty nest stage of life and how it frames my creative process,
  • or just jump to the meta level: blog about blogging and other social networking geegaws,
  • has kept me mute.

    So for now, I just need to start here.

    And hope for the best.

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