Heavenly dinner

after a deeply exhausting three hour nap I ventured out in our neighborhood…a soft dusky wind was stirring and the neon lights were glorious. passerbys friendly and very courteous to not block my photographic perspectives. Met Alex and his wonderful team of TzuChi volunteers and was taken to the 98 building…jio ba–where each floor is another resturant. We ate in a vegetarian gourmet place whose name was poetic but too hard to rememer in my jet lagged fog…IT was a six course meal and you get some choices of type of entree and soup–everything was out of this world including an herbal tonic that soothed and healed my jangled traverler’ bones. Conversation ranged from Mandarin tones to the Monkey’s Head mushroom–which was amazing!!–to the strong roots of faith of which the Buddha spoke. Couldn’t have imagined a more perfect inaugural dinner to our trip. Grandma begged off and dozed listening to her book on tape. Headed out now to find the Da an Forest Park about a mile away.  


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