metro and more…

after another successful breakfast buffet adventure, we headed out on the metro to visit the Da Ai TV station…located in a beautiful buidling with warm wood floors, that just happens to be shaped like a lotus, the tv stations produces a myriad of Tzu Chi productions, including the videos for which Alex does the English subtitles. 

Yet another spectacular meal, tofu salad, dumplings, peppery edamame, and much much more, and then we trotted across the street from the hotel for foot massages. At first, mom didn’t want to go: she figured since they weren’t all booked up like the Thai foot massasge place up the street, they probably weren’t very good…but they were right there so we indulged. Before Alex got there with the cash to pay for the massages, we relied on pantomime to communicate which toes were vulnerable, and what temperature would make my mother comfortable!

in the end we all had happy feets 


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